ACT4 Certificates

Choose, or mix the credits that suits you, and your offsetting strategy best.
All projects are verified, and generate credits by removing or avoiding GHG emissions. An ACT4 certificate is a certified proof of carbon offsetting. We provide you with a traceable and publicly disclosed Verra Registry serial number(s).

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Our projects in this category are handpicked to reflect positive impacts on biodiversity. These include avoided deforestation, protection of local flora and fauna, as well as endangered species.

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Renewable Biomass

Choose to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by switching non-renewable fuel for renewable alternatives, i.e. renewable biomass. The projects avoid deforestation, further develop and contribute to local initiatives that promote the sustainable development of the region and the local environment.

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Avoided Methane

This certificate offers units generated from avoided atmospheric methane gasses. , hese projects have been certified as SOCIALCARBON, which guarantees co-benefits in addition to the environmental impacts such as education for the local children, improvement of working conditions, or improvement in the health and sports sector.

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